Become a Loon Research Ambassador

The National Loon Center has initiated an exciting opportunity for you to take part in our ongoing research project by sponsoring one of our 48 banded adult loons with your donation. Keep an eye out for your loon as it returns in the spring, and follow your loon throughout the summer via email updates. These donations will go toward funding our critical loon research, ranging from $25 to $2,500, and will be accompanied by exclusive incentives. For more details about donation tiers and their respective benefits, click here.

The Loon Project is an ongoing scientific investigation of the behavioral ecology and population dynamics of common loons spearheaded by NLC scientist, Dr. Walter Piper. These studies will provide critical insight to help us better understand the iconic bird and how to keep it common. To learn more, visit www.loonproject.org.

You will receive an email containing information regarding your donation and your assigned loon’s information (for Champions and Guardians) shortly after registering. Your certificate and other materials will be in the mail once materials arrive. Thank you for becoming a Loon Research Ambassador!